YouTube Channel Of The Week - Cookingwithdog

July 18, 2011

After watching a few of these videos, I am simply in awe.  Check out Cooking With Dog , a Japanese cooking channel, with a super cute poodle host.

Do not let the fact that a finely groomed poodle is sitting on a stool next to the stove however. You are about to be astounded at the delicious and incredibly intricate recipes that the woman is making. 

The recipes are included at the end of each video. Seriously amazing channel. 

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Debra Daniels Zeller's picture

This is my all time favorite video

Amy Jeanroy's picture

Isn't it awesome? I actually had the kids pull up YouTube on my phone while we were driving, so they could watch ..Unfortunately, now I am committed to making Bento for school lunches. 


Amy J