Cans Not Cancer Campaign

September 21, 2011

Talk about synchronicity! Today, I was wondering why, if companies like Eden Organics and Native Forest can sell their products in cans not lined with bisphenol-A (BPA), then why can't all the other companies.

It turns out that the Breast Cancer Fund was wondering the same thing, and they have declared war on BPA lined cans with their "Cans not Cancer" campaign.

As is often the case, the reason that the public is being exposed to this hormonal imbalancing chemical is due to the fact that it extends shelf life o canned foods. This is not a good enough reason to put everyone at risk for cancer and other hormonal imbalances.

Dr. John Spangler of Wake Forest University says, “There are things we can do to minimize our exposure to BPA. We can use fresh or dried pasta and sauce in jars. We can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and fewer canned foods.” The Dr. is absolutely right, but that doesn't meant people won't still eat canned foods.

Ideally, people will eat less canned foods, and harmful chemicals won't be so prevalent in the food supply.

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How do I know if the can is BPA lined???