Organic Food Delivered by Sustainable Transportation

December 17, 2007

Commitment to the Earth and to their community got Ken Wetherell, Neil Robinson and Kwah Waadabi (ardent members at Portland, Oregon's People's Food Co-op) thinking about new ways to move people and their things. So they created Portland Pedal Power (PPP), a bicycle delivery service that caters to customers of the ecologically responsible People's Food Co-op.

One happy customer, the new mother of a newborn baby, ordered PPP's combined shopping/delivery service making those first days much easier. Fees range from free to $10, depending on location. PPP is working on building delivery agreements with local businesses and establishing a riders network. For more information contact PPP's voice mail service at 503-296-2120. You can also find them at People's Co-op. Pedal on to sustainability! Note: I must add that I am the very proud younger sister of the brilliant Earth-loving Ken.