Bacon Cocktail

April 7, 2008

Today I found an interesting article in New York Magazine about a "bacon-infused-bourbon-and-maple-syrup cocktail."  Now don't get me wrong. I love bacon. Like top-ten-favorite-foods love. I love it wrapped around asparagus, I love BLTs, I love it with eggs and hash browns on a Sunday morning. In fact, because of bacon I could never be a vegetarian. The only time I went off bacon was in the 8th grade when I raised a pig. It didn't end well, but that's a whole other story (one that would require a bunch of tissue and a few shots of tequila). But when I stumbled upon the bacon cocktail article I thought, "Who would think to infuse bourbon with maple syrup and bacon?" Here are three images that come to mind: large masculine men, NASCAR or some extreme sport, lots of chest pounding and a whole bunch of imagination. Clearly this gives the "Gateway Meat" a whole new meaning!

Update on May 13, 2011: I've completely changed my attitude about bacon and its pairings with alcohol and other foods. In fact, I've embraced it with gusto. Bacon Ice Cream? Love it. 

Bacon-Infused Old Fashioned Cocktail

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