April 9, 2008

Takoyaki is one of many Japanese foods that make average Americans cringe. Literally translated as "fried octopus," I love these little snacks that hail from Osaka. Made primarily of eggs, flour and octopus, Takoyaki are cooked in a specially designed pan and resemble Dunkin Donuts' Munchkins. Covered in a sweetish sauce, mayonnaise and typically served with pickled ginger, these little guys make a fantastic late-night-been-drinking-I'm-hungry-snack. The only problem I have is that the insides tend to hold their heat and approximate the temperature/consistency of molten lava. I have yet to manage eating the little guys without burning the roof of my mouth. If you ever run across a Takoyaki on a menu outside of Japan, give 'em a try...if you make it to Osaka, don't leave without eating at least a dozen. Or, if you are an adventurous cook, Lunch in a Box has a tutorial.

Photo by Jetalone

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Rosebud's picture

Yum!!! They look fabulous. I will eat octopus any time of the day or night. It has such a delicious taste prepared so many different ways, but that way sounds superb!

helloworldbea's picture

Those look really good. I should try one sometime.

dreama's picture

The photo looks like a beautiful dessert. I'd love to try this dish for lunch.

Melanie D's picture

Aside from tamago, takoyaki is the only japanese food i like. For those who haven't tried these two japanese foods, then you are missing a lot. I suggest you try it when you get the chance. Words cannot justify how yummy they are.

Alisa's picture

You said it right! I have scorched my mouth one too many times from eating them. What I do is punch little holes in them first with a toothpick to let some steam out and start blowing on it like crazy...of course it's best to eat them while they are hot :)

Paul's picture

love these !!! anybody know where to get them in Los Angeles area??? been craving these and cant seem to find a japanese restaurant that serve these