Tequila Waffles!

April 24, 2008


During our recent trip to Mexico, we discovered a new product: Agave Syrup. As our loyal readers will remember, tequila is distilled from fermented sugars of the Agave plant. This syrup is made from the very same plant by boiling down the sap or nectar. It is very similar in consistency to maple syrup, so we decided to try it on waffles this morning. The flavor is sweet like other syrups, though a bit more acidic and with a faint flavor that is indeed reminiscent of tequila. The bottle claims Menos Calories, !Más Sabor!...which translates to "Less Calories, More flavor!" I'm not sure what the manufacturers are comparing it to, but I did enjoy the the flavor on my gofres. To learn more, check out the Molino Real Website, available in English and Spanish.



marcd's picture

cool! we use agave nectar instead of honey. compared to honey, agave nectar has fewer calories and a lower glycemic index, per "tasty sweetness unit." so i wouldn't be surprised if it had similar traits as compared to maple syrup or mass producer, high-fructose corn syrup laden crap.

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