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August 7, 2008

As our readership has grown, a number of people have asked: "Beyond the blog, what are you building?" Well here's a bit more info for you curious folks... Foodista will:

  • be a great place to learn about food and cooking; and
  • provide easy ways to share your food interests and knowledge with the world.

"How?" you ask...We are building a site that uniquely combines:

  1. Great search of foods, recipes, cooking tools and techniques; like IMDb does for movies;
  2. Community editing; a la Wikipedia; and
  3. Widgets/tools for sharing it all anywhere on the web, especially on food blogs, similar to what Flickr & Youtube make possible with images.

We now have a fantastic team in place, including a stylin' designer and an innovative web developer. A couple of other fun developments include great networking at Blogher, and growing traffic...we recently broke into the 100K top websites at Alexa...pretty good for a pre-launch blog! Above all, we are building Foodista for you. Send your thoughts and ideas for the best possible food website to ideas@foodista.com. Cheers, Sheri, Colin, and Barnaby Founders, Foodista.com



Dreama's picture

Good for you Sheri to be brave and make the trip. Enjoyed the slide show.


Rick's picture

I'm starving over here this morning. YOU"RE NOT MAKING THIS ANY EASIER. Good luck with the site, its about time there was a great single source for cooking.


Ken's picture

Those traffic results are amazing! Great job you guys!! I'm looking forward to your new site.

Carla's picture

Wow! I haven't checked in for awhile. Lots of things have been happening at Foodista. I'm looking forward to what your web designer comes up with. If you are considering a new logo I vote for the one you have. It's a good one.

Halibut | Foodista Blog's picture

[...] been so busy lately building Foodista (there’s more than just the blog!) that I haven’t had the time (or energy) to whip up, [...]