Red Pepper Jelly

September 5, 2008

At the end of summer, my aunt Mimi and I used to roll up our sleeves and dive into pepper jelly making. It was so fun spending the afternoon filling jar after jar with our beautiful, sweet and spicy jelly. It's been a few years since I've made it, but seeing Marco Arment's lovely photo (above) makes me want to stock up on jelly jars and sequester myself to the kitchen.

Spread a good soft cheese on a cracker and smother it with this yummy jelly. The fun begins when the heat kicks in!

I've always used jalapeno or habanero peppers, but Gourmet's recipe for Red Pepper Jelly, found on Epicurious, sounds delicious too.



Gudrun of Kitchen Gadget Girl's picture

My mom used to love pepper jellies at the holidays - she would make this appetizer to take to parties with red and green pepper jelly, cream cheese and crackers (you might be able to guess which holidays we celebrate!). Your picture brings back memories!

Alisa's picture

Wow, I sure would love to try this!

Dave Middleton's picture

I never had pepper jelly before coming to seattle. There's a little place in Pike Place Market that sells them right near the elevator entrance. At first it seems the two things couldn't possibly work together. But, they are soooo tasty if you try them. I highly recommend them.

Deanna's picture

I love red pepper jelly especially w/ crackers and cheese! I've never made it, but will give it a try for an upcoming party.

skin's picture

Very interesting flavor for jelly. Love to try it! haha and beautiful jar!

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[...] Red Pepper Jelly - always a beautiful gift and just the thing to have on hand for entertaining. [...]

Red Pepper Jelly's picture

Your photo is awesome. I like Red Pepper Jelly as a topping on vanilla ice cream.