Gloomy Weather. Gloomy Mood. Gloomy Wine.

September 8, 2010

 Monday was such a bummer. It was a full-on, stereotypical Seattle day: soul-crushing gray skies and constant drizzle. I couldn't even think about white wine, rosé, or even (gasp!) bubbles. I decided I was going to bring home a wine black as my mood. Alma Negra? (Black Soul?) Perfect. This is a rich, dense, very tasty wine that filled me with a much-needed warming glow. So what's this wine all about? The Alma Negra, from Argentina, is a somewhat quirky blend of Bonarda, Malbec, and Cabernet Franc. Bonarda is primarily a workhorse blending grape, but more and more I am seeing it as a single-varietal wine or as a major component of a blend. (The Alma Negra is 70% Bonarda.) It's really low in tannin so you can sip it without any other accompaniment. Just bring your gloom. 

Alma Negra

PS: Alma Negra also makes a crazy good sparkling Malbec rosé; it's really pale and elegant, which usually is not Malbec's MO.



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Alma means "soul", so it's "Black Soul", probably an even more fitting name.

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You are so right, very fitting! I updated the post; thank you for the correction.

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This sounds outstanding!

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