Cast of Jersey Shore Must Promote Italian Food & Culture

April 20, 2011

Jersey Shore to Film in Italy

Just when you thought Jersey Shore couldn't get any better - MTV announced fourth season will be filmed on location in Florence, Italy. Whle several articles on the general lack of excitement of the Italian people, a new article straight from Tuscany details the filming contract - and boy, did the Mayor of Florence Matteo Renzi lay down the law.

In addition to behaving in such a way as to counteract existing negative stereotypes, the contract specifies that the cast (seen above) must actively promote the natural beauty of Italian food and culture, "not of Americans in Italy". Renzi went so far as to admit that while he cannot ban the show from using the city [Florence] as a set, he has disallowed filming in historic locations. Here's the breakdown a la the Google translation of the original article...

1. Exclude from shooting clubs, bars and meeting places that promote the reckless consumption of alcohol.
2. Do not shoot kids who drink in public. Boys 'Jersey Shore' will be filmed while running the city without alcohol in my hand.
3. Florence as a town not to promote drinking.
4. Promote interaction between the actors and the city never known before.
5. Bring out the lifestyle of the Italians (not the Americans in Italy), our culture and good food

The famous and controversial reality show was set in the far coast of New Jersey and performed by young Italian-American second-and even third generation. The program describes the life of boys superpalestrati [super buff], tattooed, beer lover and machines and their stories with girls, too, of Italian origin, stratruccate [made-up], stiletto heels and miniskirts. For the language is often vulgar, sometimes violent, the series has provoked protests in recent months of many Italian-American associations.

Yikes. Buon viaggio, Jersey Shore -- looks like you may need it...

Photos by Jon Rawlinson and MTV.