5 Gifts For the Coffee-Loving Dad

June 12, 2011

Coffee Art Heart Latte

Is your dad (or grad) a barista wannabe? Has to start his day with a hot cup of Joe or it may be Armageddon? Can't function until the coffee is brewing? Well here are 5 fantastic gifts for the over-caffeinated dad (or grad!) in your house!

Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder
State of the art burr grinding power and technology without the price! The Capresso is the best at-home coffee grinder around.

Bodum Chambord 8-Cup French Press
For the serious coffee drinker in your life, a French Press is the best at-home tool to produce the most flavorful cup - and in under 5 minutes!

Aloha Island Organic Kona Gold - Private Reserve Coffee (Whole Bean)
Only the best of the best, Kona coffee beans are sourced exclusively from Hawai'i and is known for its rich body, velvety smooth feel and tasting notes like port wine, leather and tobacco.

The Coffee Companion: A Connoisseur's Guide by Jon Thorn and Michael Segal
Perfect for dad or grad, this book has it all! From a history of the beloved bean to tasting guide, reviews of over 150 coffees and of course tips for producing the best possible cup at home, this complete guide even includes recipes for popular coffee based drinks.

John Wayne Coffee Mug
Leave it to The Duke to start the morning off right.

Starbucks e-Gift Card
If you're pressed for time or on a budget, these e-gift cards can easily be personalized in both design and message, just for Dad.

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