Low Iodine Living: Day 7

June 12, 2011

Blueberry Almond Flour Pancake

Pancakes were way more successful this morning! Love Elana's Pantry's almond flour recipe, but I was too put off by finding a decent egg replacer to try it earlier this week -- and then, after a quick chat with one of my on-the-ball vegan friends reminded me that chia seed meal makes an excellent egg replacer when mixed with water! Genius! And of course, fresh blueberries are always a nice summer treat!

Almond Flour Pancakes with Blueberries using Chia Seeds Instead of Eggs
Way better than my earlier attempt at pancakes this week - thanks to my vegan friends for this brilliant egg-replacer!

Garlicky Steamed Artichoke with Garlic Butter

2 slices watermelon + a few dates
1 corn tortilla, torn into pieces and panfried in oil until crispy -- I added kosher salt, blotted off the oil and ate them as chips, yum!

Pork Jalisco
Swiss Chard with Garlic and Lemon - I used only chard for this recipe and water instead of broth, with a pinch of red pepper flakes - yum!

Swiss Chard