Meatless Monday: Aspen is First In the Nation to Adopt MM

June 13, 2011

Aspen Flags

Meatless Monday announced that as of June 6th, 2011 Aspen, Colo. will be the nation's first truly "Meatless Monday" community. The so-named adopters include hospitals, restaurants, schools and various organizations including the University of Colorado School of Medicine and the Komen Institute.

“Our community is deeply concerned about personal health,” commented Dawn Shepard, local personal trainer and initiator of the campaign, “We’re very active here, it’s an outdoor community. Health is key. But people have also been surprised to learn about the heavy environmental costs of meat production. We wanted to create a community-wide program to demonstrate that at every point in the day, wherever you are, you can be good to your body and good to the planet!”

Aspen Adopts Meatless Monday