Japanese Scientist Makes Fake Meat From Human Feces

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June 14, 2011

Japanese researcher Mitsuyuki Ikeda has come up with perhaps the greenest alternative to the livestock industry yet: he's engineered fake meat from human feces. Ikeda's artificial meat is made from extracting lipids and protein from "sewage mud," combining these lipids with a reaction enhancer and putting the whole thing in an exploder to combine it. Steak sauce and soy sauce add saltiness and a dash of umami to the fake meat.

Mitsyuki Ikeda's fake meat from human feces may not float your proverbial boat, but it's an innovative form of food production that reuses one of the most renewable substances on the planet. Ikeda notes that the "burgers" are low in fat and, because they don't rely on livestock, won't raise carbon emissions or waste.

Check out a video of Mitsuyuki Ikeda's fake meat from human feces below. Would you ever eat one of these poop-sourced patties?

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Adrian Kleinbergen's picture

Soon "Turd-ucken" will be a much more accurate description. :D

Aaron's picture

P00 P00 Platter anyone?

Tom's picture

Soylent Green is POO!

DGF999's picture

No f'ing way would I eat this! Ironically, I can just see the socialist governments of the world (Obama administraion included) mandating we all eat this because of "Global Warming"...

SoraSatoshi's picture

Idiot... not saying its not disgusting but what are you talking about, obviously you don't know the meaning of irony.

Serpentine's picture

Don't be so hard on yourself by calling yourself an idiot. It's not your fault you voted for Obama. You were simply caught up in the moment of his cult of personality.

The US has been eating poopy sandwhiches since Obama got into office!

aokafor007's picture

seriously, what does this have to do with obama?? are you retards so full of hate that you can't visit one website without mentioning his name???

Serpentine's picture

Everything has to do with Obama, just like previously everything had to do with Bush. I don't hate Obama, he's just seriously incompetent. So where is the hate?

Anonymous's picture

disgusting. I try to do the whole "live green" thing....but this is terrible.

William Icquatu's picture

This is quite literally star trek food replicator tech in its' infancy. the potential ramifications for large-scale/long duration spaceflight are ENORMOUS - NASA needs to hire this guy NOW!