Will Cook For Sex: 10 Cookbooks for Dads and Grads

June 15, 2011

BBQ Chicken

Do you have a kitchen-phobic father/husband/son/boyfriend? Does the man in your life regularly make comments like "Well, at least I can microwave..." or "Hey, I can cook! ... Top Ramen counts, right?" or "EasyMac is totally dinner. It has cheese... and stuff." This Father's Day, give 'em a hand with any of these 10 great cookbooks for men who don't think they can cook, for those who truly can't, and for the women in their life to breathe a sigh of relief.

Will Cook for Sex by Rocky Fino
And don't forget the sequel: Will Cook for Sex (Again and Again and Again)

Bake it Like A Man by David Bowers
Need help inspiring your man to set foot in the kitchen? David and Sharon Bowers take the bull by the horns: "To encourage culinary prowess, the authors start with the importance of good, sharp knives (extremely masculine) and then proceed to directions for brewing beer." 

Two Dudes, One Pan: Maximum Flavor from a Minimalist Cookbook by Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo
From Publisher's Weekly: "[with over] 100 offerings inspired by their early days of minimal money, ingredients and cookware. The guys manage to concoct a fun, fresh collection. The chapters are based upon the recipes' cooking vessels rather than their ingredients. There's The Big Bowl, Nonstick Skillet, Frying Pan, Dutch Oven, Roasting Pan and Baking Dish." 

Tough Guys Don't Dice: A Cookbook For Men Who Can't Cook by James Thorson

Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need by Ryan d'Agostino
From Esquire, this is a cookbook for men who like food, think about cooking and want to improve their skills for those moments when you need a home-cooked meal.

Recipes Every Man Should Know by Sarah Russo
A pocket cookbook which "shows you how to make all the food a man can’t live without".

The Real Man's Cookbook by William J Rayment
"W. J. Rayment explains (in terms a real man can understand) how to cook, when to cook, what to cook and even why to cook." What's not to love?

Marlboro's Cook Like a Man Cookbook 
"The Last Male Art Form: Grill It, Smoke It, BBQ The Heck Out Of It!" I think that says it all?

Eating In: The Official Single Man's Cookbook by Rich Lippman
For the man who isn't afraid to cook - at least, for himself - this cookbook "Fills the gap between Martha Stewart and Chef Boy-Ar-Dee. -- Boston Globe"

A Can, A Man, A Plan by David Joachim
While I'm not a huge fan of books that involve two types of canned food and packaged meat, anyone will agree that for the college grad who is convinced he can't cook, at least it's a place to start.


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