5 Must-Have Fierce Father's Day Finds

June 16, 2011

Teroforma Whiskey Stones

Here are 5 fierce Father's Day gift ideas for the manly man in your life! 

Teroforma Soapstone Whiskey Stones
Now your man can take his whiskey (or bourbon or scotch) on the rocks, literally.

M-16 BBQ Lighter
Why just light the grill when you can pretend you're blowing it to pieces?

Personalized Meat Branding Set
Unlock the inner cowboy in your Dad with this awesome personalized steak branding set.

Perfect Beaker Measuring Set with Silicone Lid
Feel like a mad scientist with this uber-manly measuring set!

BBQ Sword & Mask Set
So your man can invoke the full force of Zorro: The Masked Avenger when he's ah, manning the grill

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