Cheeky Customers Stage a Classy McDonald's Meal

June 24, 2011

Reddit user SerebroRaya and his friends staged a classy McDonald's meal earlier this week by bringing wine glasses, place settings, napkins and a towel to use as a tablecloth into the restaurant to enjoy a sit-down meal. The young men dressed up and went to their local McDonald's at about 8:30 p.m. to stage the stunt, writing that fellow customers' responses ranged from polite chuckles to hysterical laughter and unsettled silence.

When fellow Redditors asked about the social climate of the area, SerebroRaya mentioned that the staged classy McDonald's meal took place in a relatively affluent Seattle suburb. Unfortunately, as the Redditor and his friends aren't old enough to drink, they're sipping on soda at the table as opposed to wine.

Would you emulate this McDonald's stunt? If so, how would you improve on it?

classy mcdonald's meal

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yami's picture

this looks funny. i'd try it if the cops around here didn't like arresting people for the most stupid reasons.