Upcoming Kraft Miracle Whip Campaign Will Fund One Wedding and One Divorce

July 1, 2011

The polarizing debate Miracle Whip has engendered about mayonnaise versus Miracle Whip over the past few months is about to get even hotter with its new campaign, which will fund one wedding and one divorce based on the couple's love or hate for the sandwich spread.

The Miracle Whip campaign features two concurrent contests. One zeroes in on married couples whose differing tastes for Miracle Whip are driving them apart; the other focuses on engaged couples that plan to work out their differences in Miracle Whip preference. The winner of the first contest will receive funds to help pay for their divorce, while the second contest's winners will get $25,000 towards their wedding.

The Kraft campaign might seem a bit offensive, but Chris Kempczinski, the senior vice president of meals and enhancers at Kraft, says the company is just responding to real-life situations. "We've seen Twitter posts about how people have broken up over this," he told the Wall Street Journal.

UPDATE 7/11/11: Per Kraft Foods Corporate Affairs, the campaign prize will fund either one wedding or one divorce, but not both.

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