The Not So Sweet Truth About Aspartame

July 2, 2011

 If you're still not convinced about the dangers of aspartame, then check out this video explaining how it ended up being approved. The FDA originally concluded it's safety was uncertain due to it causing brain tumors in lab rats. Then it was suddenly approved when a new FDA head came in the 1980's. Also suspect is the fact that all the industry funded studies show it's safe, but the independent studies do not.

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Did they mention Monsanto was involved in the evolution of aspartame? Wow how totally shocking...they are such a pillar of health and well-being in the food world. Gag

Dee Longstreet's picture

SCARY stuff!!!!!!!!

JP's picture

Never heard of Aspartame until I read your tweet today. I looked at several of the videos and was shocked at what damage it is capable of producing as well as how it came through the "back door" into mass production.

I immediately called a good friend of mine(left a message to call me right away) who has been suffering terribly for over a year with what appears to be MS. The docs have swung back and forth between yes, it is and no, it isn't. She shows a lot of the symptoms that were displayed on one of the videos. I don't know if she drinks diet colas or eats foods laced with this poison but, if she does, I will advise her, strongly, to stop ASAP!

Thank you so much for making me aware of this deadly problem. I am going to save this article and pass it along to others who might be in danger.