4 Low-Cal Summer Sippers

July 6, 2011

Summer and sippin' go hand-in-hand. But high-cal, sugar-laden sodas, juices and anything ending in "ita" are sure-fire bikini killers. So what's a thirsty summer reveler to do? Here are 4 low-calorie summer thirst quenchers that will keep your banging bikini bod hydrated all summer long. 

1. Water infused with fruits like lime, lemon ,strawberries or even veggies like cucumbers

2. Iced herbal teas offer sweet flavor without sugar and calories. Add sweetness with a no-calorie sweetener for a hydrating treat. 

3. Combine one part fresh-squeezed juice like orange, pinapple or lemon with sparkling water to add carbonation and cut sugar and calories. 

4. Check out this great 50-calorie skinny watermelon lemonade recipe



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