Florida Trying to Convince Consumers Gulf Shrimp is Safe

July 7, 2011

A recent poll revealed that in spite of publicity to the contrary, 63 percent of Florida residents are dubious about the safety of Gulf seafood following last year's crippling oil spill. So Florida's Department of Agriculture is stepping up efforts to convince consumers Gulf shrimp is safe to eat.

Nelson Mongiovi, the agency's director of marketing, says many consumers have come back to seafood but highly educated women with children are one segment of the population that remains skeptical. "We're going after that crowd that is caught in what I call the paralysis of analysis, if you will, and just give them the simple facts, and that is, Florida seafood is rigorously tested. It's probably some of the most tested seafood on earth. It's good quality and it's good for you."

Would you eat shrimp from the Gulf? Do you think it's safe?

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