Looking for A Lucrative New Hobby? Try Fine Wine Forgery!

July 12, 2011

While personally, I could not tell a $2 bottle of schmo from a $50 bottle, but for those with a sensitive palate and love of fine wine, bad news is a-coming! As fine wines are sold secondhand for increasing profit, there has also been an increase in the number of forgeries on the market. From refilling discarded bottles to mislabeling cheaper bottles with prestigious labels, when it comes to fine wine, you may not be getting what you paid for!

That's right, for people looking to make a quick buck (or quick hundreds, even thousands of bucks) look no further than E-bay, where you can buy an empty bottle of a rare Burgundy on the cheap, refill it with a delightful, but not equally exquisite wine and resell it to unsuspecting connoisseurs and consumers!

Though only about 5% of fine wines are estimated to be filled with a less than desirable product, due to the high cost of these elusive brands it still represents millions of dollars lost by collectors. Furthermore, because many collectors are unwilling to admit they were “duped” into buying a fake, they quietly resell them instead. Fortunately, merchants are working toward protecting the authenticity of their vintages and putting a stop to the deceit. So if you're looking to cash in, better do it quickly before the crackdown is complete!

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