Prevent an Urban Farmer from Becoming a Criminal

July 12, 2011

By now you may have heard the story of an Oak Park, MI woman who is facing up to 93 days in jail for growing veggies in her front yard. Times are tough, and growing food for your family does make a lot of sense, but treating people who do as common criminals does not.

The Bass garden has become a community effort, and even has the neigborhood kids eating (and growing) their veggies! Protect the rights of Julie Bass and her fellow citizens, by signing the petition that will hopefully prevent her from doing jail time.

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Ray Bohdan's picture

I don't really understand this. So, she plants a vegetable garden in her front yard as opposed to a flower garden. It turns out to be against city ordinance for some odd reason. What about the yards that are nothing but weeds, or just plain dirt and dead leaves? How many years in jail are they getting?!?!?

dawn's picture

Stop wasting time & money on this foolishness!!
more people should grow gardens to help aid in a healthier lifestyle.
this is why I also think people who buy into the H.O.A's are foolish too,you spend thousands of dollars to buy a home that really never is yours when,you have to get permission to do anything to you own home & land is pay the mortgage you should be able to plant a garden where you'd lik to on your land

Erin's picture

Jail is for criminals. Someone in Michigan has some absurdly skewed priorities.