Morrissey Instructs Concert Security to Search Fans for Meat Products

July 13, 2011

British musician Morrissey is taking an active no-meat stance on his U.K. tour, according to the Mirror: He's instructed concert security to search fans for meat products and discard any contraband that's uncovered. Concertgoer Mel Stokes said, "A member of the security staff then went through my bag and told me that they were checking to make sure that I was not carrying any meat products inside."

Morrissey is a vocal vegetarian who infamously walked off a Coachella stage in 2009 because he could smell meat cooking; his 2011 U.K. tour rider included a request that no meat be served at all at the venue on the nights in which he performs. Do you think Morrissey's concert security mandate is far-fetched or well within reason?

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Barnaby's picture

Wow..I totally support people's choice to be vegetarian and vegan, but this seems to be taking things to an extreme.