Worms In The Kitchen

July 15, 2011

With a houseful of boys, it is no wonder that I have nerves of steel. I also have a huge worm composting bin on my counter top, that gets opened and dissected on a regular basis. My kids have even made an entire unit study out of worms for school.

For this family, nothing stops the show like food, that uses worms as an ingredient. Gummi worms, that is. Since today is National Gummi Worm Day, here are some recipes for both kids and adults, that use worms in some form. Enjoy!

Worm Burgers
It might sound weird today, but when Halloween gets here, you will be looking for this one.

Gummy Worm Choco Pie
This is a classic dessert for those worm lovers. 

Wormy Apples
How fun! What a cool idea for any time of year, really. 

Jelly Slugs
Not exactly a worm, but I would make them and call them worms anyways. 

Mississippi Mud Puddin' Shot
Saving the best for last, this one is strictly for the adults in the room. I was ok with it, until I got to the step calling for me to cut the worm into bite-size pieces. You go ahead, I think I will pass on this one. 




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