Ultrasonic French Fries Upgrade the Salty Snack

July 16, 2011

Ultrasonic French fries sound like a space-age snack, but they're actually a modern rendition of standard fried potatoes. Maxime Bilet, Johnny Zhu, Chris Young and the other research chefs at Nathan Myhrvold's (yes, that Nathan Myhrvold) Washington lab came up with ultrasonic French fries in an effort to elevate the burger sidekick with scientific techniques.

Myhrvold outlines the process in an article for Scientific American. Essentially, the cut potatoes get a vacuum-sealed bath in 2 percent salt brine before they're hit with "intense" sound waves. Next, the potatoes are vacuum dried, briefly blanched in oil, cooled and fried quickly at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

The outcome? Myhrvold says that the ultrasonic French fries are "unlike any fries you have tried before. A hugely satisfying crunch when you bite through the exterior yields to a center of incredibly smooth mashed-potato consistency."

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