5 Ridiculously Tasty Rib Recipes

July 18, 2011

While BBQing ribs can be an intensely personal experience, there are so many different sauces, glazes and marinades that it would just be a shame not to try them all! Why use commercially made BBQ sauce when you can make your own at home? Infused with fruit flavors, smoky peppers and the occasional coffee bean, here are 5 rib recipes you'll come to know and love.

Lamb Riblets with Orange Lavender Marinade
Lightly floral and unbelievably tender!

Cherry Chipotle Ribs
Sweet and spicy, perfect for the grill.

Coffee-Infused Baby Back Ribs
Simple, mouth-watering BBQ fare.

Spicy Orange Glazed Ribs
Sweet and spicy with Asian flair - yum!

Strawberry Chipotle Ribs from PopArtichoke
With Indonesian flair, this recipe stands alone. 

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