Pernod Ricard Tests Employees' Ability to Handle Their Alcohol

July 21, 2011

If you're planning on working for Pernod Ricard, you'd better know how to handle your alcohol. An explosive book called "Dealer Legal" reveals allegations from former job applicants that claim Pernod gave them "crash tests" in which they'd have to down dozens of shots to prove that they could behave appropriately while drunk.

Pernod fought back with a lawsuit in France that hoped to censor the book, but this week, that attempt was rejected. The book also alleges that the company recommended employees to book a hotel room, which would be paid for by the company, if they found themselves too intoxicated to get home safely after a sales call.

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Umm Pernod Company reps? If you are reading this - I think I need to come work for you ...