Gluten Free Foodie Friday: 5 Recipes to Love

July 22, 2011

Happy Friday! Here is around-up of a few of this week's most fabulous gluten free recipes to hit the blogosphere! Happy cooking, everyone - stay cool!

Asian Pot Stickers
Like you've never tasted before using Better Batter flour blend.

Almond Herb Tarts with Dandelion Pesto and Fontina
Grain free, gluten free and eggless, these elegant savory tarts are super simple and incredibly tasty!

Coconut Custard Pie
Simple, creamy and coconutty - perfect for summer time snacking!

Apple Fritters
Crispy-crunchy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside, these fried treats are apple pie's quick and easy cousin.

Cherry Almond Muffins
Grain free, dairy free and delightfully delicious.

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Thanks, kelsey! I'll save you a pie.