Thirsty Thursday: The Mojito 6 Ways

July 28, 2011


This classic Cuban cocktail is lightly sweet and incredibly refreshing! In addition to authenticity, the cane sugar adds texture (both to the drink and when muddling) and gives you tons of room for error -- over sweetening is quite a challenge compared to white sugar. An easy summer cocktail, the Mojito dates back to the 16th century (based on a cocktail known as El Draque, for Sir Francis Drake) and whose name derives from the word 'mojadito' meaning 'a little wet' (from Spanish 'mojado' for wet). Variations include adding fruit or fruit liquers, using Simple Syrup instead of sugar (to control sweetness), lemon instead of lime juice and a variety of other liquors: tequila (Mexican Mojito) or gin (British Mojito). 

Classic Mojito
Yields 2 Cocktails

3 sprigs of fresh mint leaves + more for garnish
1 fresh lime,  juiced
2 TBSP natural cane sugar
2 oz white rum
1 oz club soda

Into a cocktail shaker combine mint, sugar and lime. Muddle ingredients. Add rum and 1/3-1/2 cup ice. Cover and shake well to combine.
Pour mixture into highball glasses, add club soda and garnish with mint leaves. Voila!

Ginger Mojito
A must-try recipe using ginger ale and fresh ginger to spice things up!

Lychee Mojito
Asian meets Cuban in this delightful cocktail.

Watermelon Mojito
Super simple and utterly refreshing!

Strawberry Basil Mojito
The perfect summer cocktail - Italian + Cuban = delicious.

Mexican Mojito
If you're a tequila fan, this one is for you! Best results using white/silver (blanco) tequila - that is, unaged and mild in flavor. 

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Lauren's picture

Yum!! I have also made one with green apple rum and apple juice... another refreshing flavor combination. Perfect for summer!