Pickling Green Beans

August 4, 2011

Pickling is a great beginner's introduction to canning. Because of the acidity, pickles are preserved in a hot water bath canner - easy to find or make at home. No need for a pressure canner. 

Green beans are a fun way to start pickling. They are inexpensive at the farmers market, and offer a unique, crispy treat in the winter. They are well worth the time it takes to make them up.  

To pickle green beans, you need: 

Large canner - A pot that will hold your filled jars under at least an inch of water. You need a lid as well. 

Jar lifter - Like tongs, only with a wide rubber coated bottom. These are used to lift hot jars in and out of the canner

Canning funnel - Think funnel with a wide bottom. This keeps the jar's rim clean of product. It also make filling jars extremely easy. 

Canning jars - Pints and quarts are the standard size, although half pints and half gallons are also available. For pickled green beans, you use pints. These come with lids and bands when new. 

Jar lids and bands - If you are reusing canning jars from year to year, you must  must buy boxes of lids each year. They are inexpensive and easy to find. Bands can be reused. 

Then all you need are the ingredients. Here are some fantastic pickled green bean recipes, from our Foodista members. Check them out and choose your favorite! 

Dilly Beans

Spicy Dilly Beans

Chilly Dilly Beans

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