5 Best Duff Goldman Quotes From Grub Street's Diary-Style Interview

August 11, 2011

Grub Street Los Angeles recently ran a diary-style Duff Goldman interview in which the "Sugar High" host shared everything he ate over a one-week period. While the entire piece is well worth a read, we've highlighted the best Duff Goldman quotes from the interview that present a new side of the Ace of Cakes.

1. On coffee: "Coffee to me is like cupcakes, just kind of pointless. I think it tastes good, but you know, walking through the airport and you see the airport is totally desolate, but then you see 8,000 people just crowding into Starbucks for their caramel soy macchiato douchebag drinks."

2. More on Starbucks: "I had this vision the other day: I was walking in the airport, I was tired, I had this William Burroughs-esque vision, like this scene from 'Naked Lunch,' of all these humans, these boneless human beings sort of laying on their sides. And there was this giant big, fat pig with a giant Starbucks logo on the side of it and all the humans were just suckling at 100,000 teats. That's kind of how I see Starbucks."

3. On eating a so-so room-service salad: "We were watching a really stupid-ass movie and I felt like since I was depleting my IQ by watching 'Your Highness,' I might as well eat some room service while I'm there."

4. On pasta: "Noodles are a pain in the ass sometimes. When it comes to pasta, I like more a geometric figure instead of a line."

5. On eating a mix of jelly beans at once: "Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Forget recipes! I kind of like rolling the dice."

Read the full article at Grub Street Los Angeles.