3 Gluten Free Gourmet Venison Recipes

August 16, 2011

A remarkably sustainable meat, venison may prove to be an up-and-coming protein. Made for so much more than burgers, steaks and jerky, here are 3 fantastically gourmet (and gluten free!) recipes for using venison. 

Venison Medallions with Balsamic Raspberry Reduction
Spice rubbed venison medallions, a savory-sweet balsamic redutction, all served up on a bed of sweet potato puree - yum!

Venison Chili
Not your ordinary chili, with several different chiles and a coffee base, this is chili at its finest!

Venison in Red Wine with Black Currant Sauce
Coq au Vin meets Boeuf Bourguignon, made with venison - amazing.


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