Milk Straws Add Flavor With Every Sip

August 16, 2011

Jazz up standard milk with these Milk Straws. Each straw is embedded with tiny flavor pods that infuse milk with each sip. A 48-count variety pack of Milk Straws contains flavors like vanilla milkshake, strawberry banana, chocolate, wild berry, orange cream, cookies and cream, and banana.

The Milk Straws are low in sugar and free of lactose, fat or gluten; they're also made without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. ThinkGeek says that the Milk Straws are safe for those with soy, nut and corn allergies.

milk straws

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Grishma Shah's picture

I bought these straws like 4 yrs ago from walmart...totally worth it :)

Fahad Khan's picture

What an innovative concept!How wonderful,I wish I had a packet of these straws too!