Roadkill Beer Cozy Puts a Bizarre Spin on Sustainability

August 18, 2011

Forget neoprene cozies: Minneapolis-based artist Joel Arce has perhaps the most unusual product imaginable to keep bottled brew chilled in his roadkill beer cozy made out of a dead squirrel. The 25-year-old found the squirrel, skinned it and tanned its hide, shaping it to accommodate a 12-ounce beer bottle.

As you can see, the roadkill beer cozy leaves just enough room for you to drink the beer without touching the dead squirrel's lips. Arce says that he hopes to one day make jewelry from the bones of roadkill and other animals that died naturally, saying that this method would be "a way of showing some respect to the animal instead of getting bones from people that killed the animal to make a profit."

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