Tweets Cause Chipotle Menu Change

August 18, 2011

Seth Porges recently prompted a Chipotle menu change after he accidentally discovered that the pinto beans are cooked with bacon. Porges doesn't eat pork for religious and cultural reasons, and although Chipotle employees are supposed to alert customers of the beans' bacon content, Porges had eaten hundreds of servings over some 10 years without a heads-up.

To air his frustrations, Porges took to Twitter and sent an email to Chipotle's executives, including chief executive officer Steve Ells. (The Consumerist has a copy of the email.) The company's response was nothing short of inspiring from a public relations standpoint: within minutes, an executive called Porges to discuss updated menu panels that would soon be implemented companywide.

As you can see from Seth Porges' Twitter timeline, he was pleased with Chipotle's menu change. He told The Consumerist, "[I] was extremely impressed as Chipotle's quick and personal response. Just a model of great PR: attend to the problem, apologize and create a solution. Look forward to eating there lots more in the future."

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