Chocolate & Hazelnut: A Gluten Free Match Made in Heaven

August 19, 2011

A classic combination, chocolate and hazelnut has been immortalized by the famous European spread, Nutella. But there is so much more to this perfect pair than a simple (albeit addictive!) spread: cake, cupcakes, fudge, brownies, ice cream - the possibilities are endless for this dynamic duo of deliciosity! Here are 5 of my favorite gluten free (and vegan!) recipes for chocolate hazelnut desserts!

Frangelico Nutella Cupcakes
Hazelnut liqueur + Nutella frosting makes for an incredible dessert.

Toasted Hazelnut Fudge Cake with Mocha Glaze
Rich, moist chocolate and toasty, aromatic hazelnuts with a coffee-infused glaze make this cake an ultimate comfort food.

Hazelnut Dark & White Chocolate Truffles
Homemade truffles are DIY decadence!

Hazelnut Chai Brownies
An unbelievable combination that is GFCF, dairy free, vegan and raw - yowza!

Hazelnut Chocolate Cake
A simple classic! GFCF, dairy free, vegan and raw -- not mention delicious.

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