Morton's Steakhouse Surprises Twitter User at Airport With Porterhouse

August 19, 2011

It began with an innocent tweet: angel investor and entrepreneur Peter Shankman was faced with a long day of flights, meetings and more flights, and sent a tweet to his favorite steakhouse that read, "Hey @Mortons - can you meet me at Newark Airport with a porterhouse when I land in two hours? K, thanks. :)" Shankman is a regular at Morton's The Steakhouse restaurants around the country, but he noted that the tweet was sent as a joke.

peter shankman

What happened next took Shankman by surprise. A tuxedo-wearing man named Alex met Shankman at the airport holding a bag from Morton's Hackensack. As Shankman wrote, "He proceeds to tell me that he'd heard I was hungry, and inside is a 24 oz. Porterhouse steak, an order of Colossal Shrimp, a side of potatoes, one of Morton's famous round things of bread, two napkins, and silverware.

Shankman says that he was "floored," adding, "Customer service is no longer about telling people how great you are. It's about producing amazing moments in time, and letting those moments become the focal point of how amazing you are, told not by you, but by the customer who you thrilled." Shankman promptly tweeted about his Morton's experience, and the story has gone viral.

Here's Shankman with Alex from Morton's Hackensack. What do you think about this surprise PR stunt?

morton's steakhouse

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