5 Upcycled Corona Creations

August 21, 2011

Corona beer has instantly recognizable packaging, so it's no wonder that enterprising artists have used old bottles, labels and even the beer itself for these upcycled Corona creations. Which of these eco-friendly designs is your favorite?

1. Upcycled Corona Wallet: This wallet was made from the box of a Corona six-pack. The cardboard is covered with clear vinyl on the exterior and blue vinyl interior for durability.

corona wallet

2. Beer Glass Bottles: These 8-ounce tumblers were made from actual 12-ounce bottles of Corona Extra. The artist sources all beer bottles from local restaurants and bars in Orange County, Calif.

beer glass bottles

3. Corona Bottle Cap Belt: This belt is covered in Corona beer caps and features the buyer's choice of a Corona bottle opener buckle or a Corona Light buckle. Star rivets give the belt even more flavor.

corona bottle cap belt

4. Upcycled Dog Tee: This "gently used" men's T-shirt has been given a new life in this dog tee. The yellow shirt reads "Cerveza por favor" and can fit dogs up to 40 pounds.

corona dog tee

5. Corona With Lime Bar Soap: If you've ever wanted to shower with beer, you can do so with this bar soap. The all-natural soap is made with Corona beer and essential oils of litsea cubea and lime.


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Taylor's picture

my favorite are the corona beer glasse bottles. I would definitely use those!