Must-Read Blog Posts: Better Burgers

August 22, 2011

Summertime equals burger time.  Even though the season is coming to a close (Labor Day is in a week!), there is still time for at least one more outdoor cookout.  These burgers are unique, flavorful, and deserve a spot at your next barbecue.

Butter Burgers
Grass-fed beef patties are stuffed with herb butter to make juicy burgers.

Manchego Lamb Burgers
These Spanish inspired burgers have a surprise- it's topped with a crispy potato and chive cake.

Fajita Burger
Homemade guacamole on these fajita burgers from Good Life Eats is a must.

Maple Bacon Burger
Maple and Bacon are a classic flavor combination and it's no surprise that it works in this burger.

Quinoa Sweet Potato Burger
Quinoa is packed with protein, magnesium, and iron for a healthful and tasty burger.

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These sound delicious. This recipe from Cook's Illustrated has a butter burger with a sauce that is to die for: