Japanese Restaurant Serves Super-Sized Sushi

August 25, 2011

Those who are serious nigiri fans might want to take a trip to this Japanese restaurant for its super-sized sushi. The restaurant is located in the Aichi prefecture and is renowned for its ridiculously large sushi rolls.

Super-sized sushi rolls such as the ones shown in the video below can contain as many as 20 different items tucked inside rice and 2 meters of seaweed. Such a roll would cost 15,000 yen (about $193.40 in U.S. dollars) and require 48 hours of advance notice.

It’s mega sushi roll has 20 different foods wrapped inside 2 meters of seaweed and rice. It costs 15,000 yen and requires a reservation 2 days in advance.

For the same price, you can also order a giant set of nigiri sushi (together with a super tiny set). The slab of tuna on top of one blob of rice could make about 40 normal-sized maguro nigiri-zushis.



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