5 Movie-Themed Cocktails

August 28, 2011

If you are planning on throwing an Oscar-themed party or just want a new cocktail idea for your next movie night, check out these 5 drinks inspired by our favorite blockbusters. 


A mixture of Amaretto, scotch and whiskey, this drink will have you feeling like Al Pacino in no time. 

The Hermoine Granger

Inspired by the intelligent young wizard from the Harry Potter movies, the Hermoine Granger is made up for pomegranate liqueur, champagne and grape fruit juice -- the perfect drink for a girl's night out! 

Twilight Cocktail

No movie-themed list is ever complete without the Twilight saga. With cherry juice, Grand Marnier, and ginger liqueur,  this blood-red cocktail will make you feel like a vampire (but only the kind that glistens in the sun). 

Wayne's World

This shot is a mix of Jagermeister and Sambuca. 

Breakfast at Tiffany's 

This sophisticated drink is made from champagne, sugar cubes, angostura biters, brandy, and a bit of marmalade to top it all off.

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MikeyMo's picture

I thought this article would cover actual cocktails which were featured in movies like the White Russian cocktail which Lebowski drinks multiple times