Denny's Mac n' Cheeseburger is 1,690 calories

September 1, 2011

Denny's restaurant chain has recently released their new "Let's Get Cheesy" menu items.  With six new dishes to choose from, diners can eat their way through breakfast, lunch and dinner. You might order the omelet doused in cheese sauce for 800 calories or the strawberry cheesecake milk shake at 850 calories.  But nothing tips the scale like the mac n' cheese big daddy patty melt at a whopping 1,690 calories (that's supposed to be a full days worth of calories!).  A burger is topped with with mac n' cheese, cheddar cheese, "frisco sauce" (whatever that is) and wrapped up in two pieces of buttered potato bread.  If that weren't enough, it comes with a side of wavy fries.  I am all for indulgence but isn't this a bit much?

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Jo Harrington's picture

Sorry, but that is disgusting!

lance's picture

Im guessing 12g of transfats. This is why you are fat America

Robecalas's picture

Its very nice for eats, But not for health.