Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Shot Glasses Are Indulgent and Decadent

September 8, 2011

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a decadent treat, and these strawberry shot glasses blend these flavors in an indulgent new way. Erica of Sweet Tooth dreamed up these edible shot glasses with her friend Marissa (not me, sadly) and filled them with a shot comprised of vanilla vodka, Godiva liqueur and chocolate syrup.

If you'd like to make your own strawberry shot glasses, Erica recommends picking the biggest strawberries available and using a paring knife and a grapefruit spoon to hull them. Would you try these chocolate-covered treats?

strawberry shot glasses

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Krissy's picture

This is cute and decadent.
However it's not a new creation.
I used to teach culinary classes on
board a major cruise ship.
A Croatian Chef showed this to us in the main

Marissa Brassfield's picture

How fun! Glad to see the technique crop up in home kitchens.

Krissy's picture

Using the technique at home is cool. Erica saying she dreamed it up however is not so cool to the person/Chef who did create this glass. ;0)

Ana Raquel Ruiz's picture

Done and Loved them!!! :-)