Top Chef Casey Thompson Partners with Sam's Club

September 9, 2011

Casey Thompson, contestant in Season 3 of Top Chef, is partnering with Sam's Club to help promote the store for their non-bulk items.

"The way that they wanted to bring this to the forefront was to have chefs show off how to use different ingredients to use a store for weekly meals, instead of toilet paper shopping once a month," Thompson said. "They really actually have a wide selection of fresh items. Fresh vegetables and fish and meat and cheeses."

Thompson is also sharing some of her own recipes with Sam's Club shoppers through the store's website to show how to use their mix of fresh and bulk items in everyday meals.

"Some of the recipes that I put in there show how to incorporate fresh ingredients with bulk can ingredients," Thompson said of the recipes. "I took a case of Hunt's diced tomatoes and extended them: a breakfast dish, an appetizer dish, a lunch dish, just to showcase the fact that you can get the fresh items there. But that's just such a handy item that I used it for two meals in one day. I myself have cans and cans of tomato products in my pantry, but you have to have the fresh ingredients to go along with it."




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