Woman Dies After Injecting Beef Fat Into Her Face as a DIY Botox Treatment

September 12, 2011

Janet Hardt, a 63-year-old woman from Illinois, attempted a DIY Botox treatment last week by injecting beef fat into her face. Shortly thereafter, she headed to her local hospital complaining that her face "felt like it was burning," and died later that day. Surprisingly, she didn't die from the injections -- medical examiners indicated that the cause of death was an abdominal inflammation caused by a bacterial infection, not her beef fat treatment.

Although Hardt had previously undergone traditional cosmetic surgery, she began injecting beef fat into her face to simulate pricey Botox anti-wrinkle treatments. Cook County medical examiners didn't fault the treatment, but it's probably best to leave facial injections to professionals.

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She did not die from injecting fat into her face. According to autopsy, she died because of peritonitis. Although, I'm not sure what is that.. you can read more about this article in http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2011/09/12/woman-dies-after-injecting-face-with-hot-beef-fat/