'Butter' Brings Food Carvings to TIFF

September 15, 2011

Butter premiered on Tuesday night at the Toronto International Film Festival and the quirky movie about butter carving brought a few of it's stand-out traits to the after party.

The cast, which includes Jennifer Garner, Alicia Silverstone and Ashley Greene, were treated to butter-themed foods. So of course, butter chicken was the shining star. In addition to the food, attendees were also entertained by a food sculptor (dressed as a sexy dairy maid) who carved butter on-site for the guests.

Aside from the TIFF party, the film itself is full of the calorific dairy product and even Jennifer Garner got to get her hands dirty.

“Our producers hired a top team of food stylists and pro butter carvers to consult on the film,” she said. “We definitely all got our hands greasy. … It’s a huge subculture in the Midwest and I really enjoyed getting into the thick of it.”

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