Whole Green Kids Face Civil Suit

September 16, 2011

Susan Blouin, owner of a catering company that fed more than 1 million meals to toddlers at preschools around Ontario, Canada, is being sued for non payment of over $390,000 worth of unpaid loans. 

According to court documents, Susan Blouin is accused of repaying only $3,519.20 of the loans to investor Lori Flock. The Flocks were forced to re-finance their home 3 times to keep providing the funds. 

Last week, Blouin told the judge that she was late filing her defense, because she couldn't afford a lawyer, although she arrived in her Porsche Cayenne SUV. 

You may recognize the name Susan Blouin, from my original post. Her company, Whole Green Kids, ceased operation in June, after an investigation found the company served undercooked meals, repackaging food as their own, skimped on portion sizes, and did not adhere to the organic, halal and kosher meals that it based its very business model on. 


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