How To Can Pears

September 29, 2011

We have a pear tree that offers the best pears. Of course, that might be bias in the fact my kids are also the cutest kids, and they pick said pears. 

When ripe, our pears are hard as rocks, but very sweet. Canning improves their texture, and is easy to do. Enjoy! 

How To Can Pears

12 Pounds of pears

Light sugar syrup


1. Prepare your canning jars and lids, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Keep jars and lids hot. 

2. Wash, peel and core the pears. Slice pears into 1/4 inch pieces or at least even sized chunks. 

3. Bring sugar syrup to a boil

4. Pack the pears firmly into the hot jars. 

5. Pour boiling hot syrup over them, leaving 1/2 inch headspace. Release air bubbles with a nonreactive utensil (like a chopstick). 

6. Wipe the jar rim and seal the jars with the lid and band. Hand tighten the bands.

7. Process the filled jars in a hot water bath canner for 20 minutes (pints), or 25 minutes (quarts). 

8. Remove from canner with jar lifter and allow jars to cool completely before testing seals. 


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