DIY Felt Krispy Kreme Doughnut Tutorial

October 8, 2011

Now you can curl up with a zero calorie version of your favorite breakfast treat! These super cute (and easy!) felt Krispy Kreme-style doughntus are easy to make, easy to love and won't do the least bit of damage to your waistline. With glass beaded "sprinkles" and gooey pink (or purple or gree or blue or...) felt "frosting", this is a perfect project for little helpers or a novice seamstress. This quick and easy project will have you wondering why you never thought about doing it before!

Click here for the Sew-Your-Own Krispy Kreme Doughnut Tutorial!

DIY Felt Sew Your Own Handmade Krispy Kreme style Doughnut Plushie

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